What is the role of tumor hyperthermia?

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Nowadays, medical technology is developing rapidly. In many large general hospitals, as well as cancer hospitals, tumor hyperthermia treatment methods are applied, mainly using heating to treat tumors. It is combined with chemotherapy, drug therapy, and immunotherapy. Therapeutic method, which is a new effective method for the treatment of tumors, is called "tumor green therapy". So, what is the role of general tumor hyperthermia? What are the main characteristics?9000.png

We will find that the effect of tumor hyperthermia is more obvious. It uses physical energy to heat the body or part of the body to raise the temperature of the tumor tissue to the effective treatment temperature, and then the tumor treatment effect is more obvious, so that the tumor cell apoptosis without damaging the normal tissues of the body. In many large hospitals, as well as local hospitals, it plays an important role. Hyperthermia alone has obvious therapeutic effects for patients with advanced tumors who relapse after radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. It can also be combined with chemotherapy, that is, thermochemotherapy can improve The concentration of the drug in the tumor greatly enhances the anti-tumor effect.

    Generally speaking, tumor hyperthermia has a more obvious effect. It is used for systemic treatment to prevent tumor recurrence and tumor metastasis after surgery. This kind of treatment has a better effect. Hyperthermia can make up for the insufficiency of radiotherapy, and combined use can improve the efficacy. When we suffer from tumor diseases, we must go to a large, regular and well-known hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible. Treatment after finding the cause is the key, and then targeted treatment can be done.

    Do you understand the effects of hyperthermia for tumors? Generally, after suffering from a tumor disease, it is more harmful to the body. We must find the cause and actively treat it. Among them, the tumor hyperthermia has a good effect, and it can also be combined with radiotherapy, and its therapeutic effect is more obvious.